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Clinton Hall’s 100th… and autumn

September 17, 2010

Last night I participated in the 100th anniversary of Clinton Community Hall, our local community “club”. For 100 years, locals have come to this building to vote, discuss political issues, attend club meetings, and for dances, weddings, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, and other community events.  In 1910, there were 3000 incorporations; only 65 remain today. Secretary of State Sam Reed was there to give an official state citation. But the real stars of the evening were the old-timers; some sharing their memories and others listening… and nodding… and remembering…. What a wonderful example of the power of story!

The rains and the fog are returning. Each day the light leaves a little earlier. The golden sunny days remind us of the summer now past: the chilly nights of the winter to come. As we hunker down for the cold days ahead, I am reminded of the symbiotic relationship between dark and light; the yin and yang of our lives. After the frenzy of “doing” in the warm months, soon it will be time to honor the coming darkness; to get ready to go deep – to be quiet, examine, and reflect. There is such richness there….

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