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“Rebecca” – a Winner!

February 26, 2014


I have just received word that the CD of my show, “Rebecca – the story of Rebecca Ebey” has received a “Winner” Award in the 2014 National Storytelling World Awards. I have known for several months that I was in the running. What I didn’t know: “Rebecca”  was in the “Winner” category, a step up from the “Honors” Award I received for my first CD, “Little But OH My!” in 2006.

What does an award like this mean… other than a perfectly sane older woman screaming  and jumping up and down with glee? It means that “Rebecca” is as good as I thought it was. It means that the previous award was not just a fluke; that I am continuing to do high quality work. It means that, although I still have much to learn, I have reached a certain level of skill and competence that I can be proud of. I am so grateful to all the people who were co-creators and supporters of this show. How sweet it is!!!

Note: If you’d like to see all the 2014 awards, go to In the “Awards” category, click on “2014”. Hearty congratulations to all the other awardees. I am in good company…. 

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