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Erika – and the Year of the Monkey

February 4, 2016


My grand-daughter was born twelve years ago – in the last Year of the Monkey. It was such a delight to learn about Monkey people (“an inventive and agile mind…an insatiable curiosity…an energetic and rich imagination…”) and realize that she was all of these things. Watching her grow, I watched her Monkey characteristics grow as well. Sometimes they were hidden under a small layer of shyness, but they were there.

Now, as she approaches adolescence, I can sense that the shyness is growing… beginning to obscure her personality in that thick fog of angst and pre-teen anxiety. The Chinese believe that the year your zodiac animal returns, can be unlucky; you must be especially cautious and careful during that year. Without knowing anything about the Chinese zodiac or it’s systems and beliefs, she seems to be heeding that warning….

Oh,  how I wish I could whisk all that murkiness away from her! Let her mischievousness – her wonderful sense of fun come shining through!! But, of course, she – like all of us – must endure it – and emerge, on the other side, a survivor.

Monkeys, when thwarted or challenged, can become angry and resentful – and sometimes that anger can lead to a bout with depression. But she is strong… and she has loving parents and a strong support system – which includes me. May this Year of the Monkey teach her to use that strength; to be resilient…and may she know that we are always there….

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