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It was grand…

December 17, 2017


Black Stache

*To the forty people listed on the program of “Peter and the Star Catcher” – lighting and stage designers and crew, costume designers, special effects designers, stage managers and crews, fellow actors, and director – thank you.

*To the WICA Board of Directors and Staff – thank you.

*To the entire page of donors (too many to count) and another page of show sponsors: all of whom support WICA – thank you.

*To our audiences who sat in the seats between December 1 – 16th – thank you.

Because of you (who now number in the hundreds) I got a chance to play on the WICA stage once again… to re-new old friendships and revive old skills…to work hard with people who are talented and gifted and fun…and to watch new talent emerge in the process.

Together we grappled with the task of play-making: building characters and sets and lights which twinkled on cue and mermaid costumes and dances and music and sound effects… all to illuminate the STORY of a boy who never grew up.

At the bash after the final performance, the director and I were reminiscing. It was eleven years ago- exactly – the 2006 holiday show, “Little Women”. The lights were out in Langley: a community angel rigged up a transformer to run one flood light and we put candles on the stage. We didn’t know if they would, but the audience came: in coats and mittens and hats and scarves. “You know, Jill, we had over 200 light cues in that show,” she said. “But that night, I realized they really didn’t matter… it was the story that mattered.” I couldn’t agree more.

                                                                     Stage door


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