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August 26, 2018

Who is this child-woman in my house? She bears scant resemblance to the kid I once knew.

The child squeaking out “Hot Cross Buns” on her sax in my dining room is now a confident member of her high school marching band.

The little girl timidly stirring a steaming pot is now stirring, pouring, and putting lids on delicious jams.


The kid who couldn’t find what percent 7 is of 35 – now looks it up on Google!!

But some things are still the same: the giggle, the disapproving look as she stares at me and then – “Oma!”, the impulsiveness, the raucous laugh – and gentle spirit.

Time passes… and as she gets more energy – I get less. But it’s OK, because we make the necessary allowances for one another. “Oma, you’re tired. You should go to bed” Good advice. So I can be ready for the excitement of tomorrow.


The child who was (and still is) squeamish about bugs can now watch surgical operations at the vet clinic where she is shadowing this week – without a flinch. She has wanted to be a vet since she was six. Of course, goals can change…but my bet is that this one won’t.


We’ve traveled together: rode horses in Arizona (god, it was hot!), visited a wild wolf preserve in Oregon, walked the Capilano Suspension Bridge in BC, and flown kites on beaches in two states.

And it’s grand – really grand – to know that now, years later, we still share many of the same interests, can teach one another new things, and – sometimes – laugh uproariously at the same joke!


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