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Why? I’ll tell you why….

February 22, 2019

village by the sea final

Five years ago, I swore…I would never do this again… direct and/or produce a show.

I was standing in the middle of my living room shrieking at the top of my lungs because everything had just gone wrong.

But I caved; why? Because I really wanted to bring these wonderful storytellers/people to Whidbey and let our audiences see and hear how amazing they are. And because WICA (Whidbey Island Center for the Arts) is a perfect venue for a storytelling festival. But then, yesterday, I had another one of those days.

One of the online publicity sites was giving out the wrong data…  I had just lost one of my assistants… There were two frantic emails from people who wanted to attend, but could not find housing… Someone was coming to my house with a new couch, but I wasn’t sure when… I had just finished a lousy rehearsal and the timing was all wrong… And one of the mass emails I had just sent out came back with an error  message I couldn’t read…. ARRRGH!!

Why do we do this to ourselves?? The answer is really very simple: because we have to. Because – if you are dedicated to your craft – you simply cannot just coast when you have a chance to promote and support it.  Period.

So – Whidbey Island’s first storytelling festival will happen. Exactly what will happen, of course, we don’t know – yet. But a week from tomorrow, it will happen. There are still so many things left to do…. I hope you can join us.

VBTS Flyer 2




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