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Coincidence or…?

June 15, 2019

Crazy Horse

I had just finished a rehearsal of an upcoming presentation. One of the stories I was rehearsing was a beautiful Dakota story about how fawns developed spots. In the story, a doe pleads with Wakan-Tanka, the Great Mystery, to give her fawn something to protect it from their enemies. She speaks the most powerful sentence in the story: “If my children do not live, how can my people survive?”

As I sat in my office looking out the window, a lovely young doe came into view. She stopped, briefly and I found words coming out of my mouth; I murmured, “well, little one, and where is your fawn?” Two seconds later, a tiny little creature came into view. It was covered with spots. It walked slowly up to it’s mother and then stopped.

OMG… where is my cellphone? Where is it!? Do I have time to go get it? No, they’re moving again… So, I jettisoned these thoughts racing through my head and just watched. The doe lowered her head and began nuzzling and licking her fawn. The fawn rested it’s head against it’s mother. Moments later, she lifted her head and continued walking. The fawn paused and turned, facing my window. I knew it couldn’t see me, but I could see it. Then it too turned and began to walk away….

I have lived on Whidbey Island for almost twenty years. The island is covered with forests, very rural, and deer are commonplace. I have seen dozens: young and old, male and female. But never have I seen a fawn that young nor a doe show that kind of care and affection for her fawn. Thank you, Creator….

doe and fawn

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