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“Everyone was delighted with your presentation… You were terrific and we all learned so much about our state’s transportation history… Personally, I felt like I had met a group of fascinating people and made a new, courageous friend in Berte.” Beth Swartzbaugh, Puyallup Library

“I love seeing 6th graders (especially the boys!) enraptured by the tales…the expressions on their faces are priceless. Please bring her back! Teacher, Heatherwood Middle School, Mill Creek, WA

” Jill is such a pleasure to have come to the school. She has become a tradition, both students and staff look forward to her visit. She plans stories that fit the curriculum, and finds ways to relate to what kids are going through today. Jill takes us out of the ordinary everyday with her tales….It’s remarkable…the students listen quietly for an hour – it’s magic” PTA Program  Chair, Heatherwood MS, Mill Creek, WA

“I think Ms. Johnson was wonderful and I feel like I can tell stories better.” “I learned a lot from her; very upbeat, knowledgeable; she was a wonderful instructor!” “Jill was excellent in presenting a fun workshop; very verbal, energetic, GREAT!” Participants: “Storytelling: the Basics” workshop

“I was happy to be a part of this experience (new for both of us!) of a  6 month long distance storytelling mentor-ship…..The whole program was aces in my book…. Thank you very much for everything you have taught and given to me…. Because of you, the grand world of storytelling has been open to me in ways I never thought possible.” Aaron Fry -student (NSN Mentor Program)

“It was so moving to have us close our eyes and listen as you told the ‘Rocking Chair’ story. We could feel the warmth, contentment, security shared in those moments.” Helen Saunders, Chair, Institute for Continued Learning, Eastern Tennessee State University

Jill Johnson is a fabulous storyteller making something most people would find mundane the most enjoyable experience! I never knew there was such a rich history regarding ferries in the PNW…. She does an amazing job…educating people in a unique, inclusive, and very artistic way. Participant, Sound Waters 2017, Langley, WA

“I like how you act it all out … it’s like I’m really there!” 6th grade boy

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